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  • Styling

    Creating full costumes and styling the model with hair and make up are a huge part of creating a Fantasy in Focus piece. Finding inspiration from a dress, piece of jewelry, and mostly the craft store, these pieces form the strong base for the final photo.
  • Models

    Fantasy in Focus works with a wide range of models to create fantastical photos. Posing models and working together to bring her vision to life is a highlight for Brittany. Are you interested in being a model?
  • Editing

    Each great model needs a great background that helps tell their story. Using a combination of stock photos and digital painting, a scene comes together to create a realistic image. Painting in lighting and shadows, small details, and depth takes painstaking hours to finish. Brittany works primarily in Photoshop with a pen tablet for her editing work, often with coffee cup in hand.
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About Brittany

Brittany Torres never would have guessed she would become a photographer and fantasy artist. What began as goofing off with friends in college years later has turned into a photography passion. Designing the concept, styling the model, and spending endless hours in Photoshop, she loves every step of the process, bringing her imagination to life. Building her brand Fantasy in Focus helps relates to her love for the limitless fantasy realm of art and imagination, the photography she uses to portray it, and bringing into focus the subject of female agency within artwork.

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