Commission Work


As any typical '90's kid, to say I'm obsessed with Disney is an understatement. So when given the opportunity to work with NeuNeu Cosplay and photograph her gorgeous Belle cosplay I jumped at the chance! NeuNeu Cosplay is a Seattle based cosplayer, their recent focus on Sci-fi, Fantasy, and Sailor Moon. This elaborate and handmade outfit is based off of the original design created by Hannah Alexander Artwork, an art nouveau take on the classic Belle. 

This photo shoot was a fun adventure and we enjoyed exploring these gorgeous locations and made me all the more realize how fortunate I am to live in an area as diverse as Seattle. We first went to the main library at the University of Washington, taking advantage of the huge stone staircases, columns, and grand reading room, which was a perfect setting for our bookish princess. 

Next we visited the rose garden at the local zoo, catching the last bit of the season's roses. NeuNeu Cosplay (visit her instagram here!) wanted to showcase her cosplay against the green gardens, capturing a classic art style for the photographs. In the library, I brought in the purples and yellows from the new Beauty and the Beast movie, and in the gardens brought in as much light and softness as possible. Working with a client that has a vision in mind was exciting for me, challenging me to marry my style with that vision, resulting in what I feel is my best photo shoot to date. 


Canticles is a fan-funded, independent Production Company, comprised of many artists that collaborate to release literature, music, media and art on a monthly basis on Patreon, all in a refreshingly unique High Fantasy Universe. Created by Matthew R.R. Morris, it is a universe described as, "Elves, dwarves and dragons are Tolkien's thing; Canticles follows his quality in new footsteps, blazing its own trail by putting on a pair of very different boots." I have been able to be a part of this fun and complex universe in creating posters for their upcoming web series. 



Working with Corvidae Cosplay was amazing, what a treat to see such a talented individual model her latest creation. In our beautiful city of Seattle we photographed her female Thor cosplay. Hand making each piece, with the red cape made of wool, foam armor, and foam hammer, Corvidae Cosplay created a stellar ensemble that struck quite a pose. I look forward to seeing what she creates in the future, and be sure to check out her Facebook page for more of her cosplays! 



Batwoman Edit

Batwoman Cosplay by Babs Cosplay

Taking the original photo the cosplay model sent me, I used multiple stock photos and digital painting to create a scene for her character. 

Doing an edit like this allows the cosplay costume to be showcased in a unique way, highlighting both the hard work of the cosplayer and the character's aspects as well. 

Want to create a scene with your cosplay photo? Email me for a quote today!