About Brittany 


Brittany Torres likes dragons, wine, and attempting to write her book late at night. She braved the college towns of MA to emerge with a Bachelor’s of Arts from Mount Holyoke College. To no one’s surprise she majored both in English and Medieval Studies, specializing in King Arthur, Beowulf, and manuscript research. She then went to work in self publishing as a graphic designer, designing book covers while also proofing submitted manuscripts. She is now a successful freelance photographer, fantasy artist, and copywriter. When not glued to the computer you can find her with a cup of coffee in hand, living a ridiculously fun life with her husband and cat in their home, a fire station in the mountains of Washington.


Empowered women. Empower women.

Representing women in fantasy is not an idea. It's a goal.

I am dedicated to representing women in a positive and encouraging way. I strive to represent women in my art with integrity and respect, giving voice to women's agency in fantasy art. I hope that you will join me.