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Custom Poster Designs

I had a wonderful time working with Canticles Productions on creating unique posters for their upcoming web series. First step was receiving the ideas and original photos, then creating a concept, and producing the final image for review and edits. These were such fun projects to work on, full of imagination and vision.

Canticles is a fan funded independent production company specializing in high fantasy story telling through literature, music, media, and art. 

Actress  Aubree Bowen , photography  Dillon Muller

Actress Aubree Bowen, photography Dillon Muller


Left: Professional Headshots.

When you don’t notice it at first is the sign of good natural retouching. For an actress, having a retouched headshot is a must. We want a photo that best represents the person, so taking away fly-away hairs, popping those highlights, and cleaning up make up is just a few things to do for this style of retouching.

Right: Beauty

Beauty retouching gives you an airbrushed look with vibrant eyes and carefully tailored colors. Smoothing hair, wrinkles, and skin tones help bring focus to your subject. Typically sought after by fine art photographers and magazines.


Model, Morgan Torres

Model, Morgan Torres