Cosplay Edits

Time to take your cosplay to the next level.

I had no idea what I wanted when I had asked Fantasy in Focus to edit my photos and what I was given was a pure masterpiece. I share it with my friends all the time on my Instagram and fan page and can’t wait to do more edits with her.
— Babs Cosplay
Original Cosplay Photo Submitted

Original Cosplay Photo Submitted

It all started when…. friend Babs Cosplay created an amazing Batwoman cosplay and sent me this photo. As any typical photo from a convention, it is great on its own, but she wanted me to try my hand at giving it a little something extra. I loved editing this for her, as she spent so much time and love on this costume. 

This type of edited photo gives a cosplay costume a unique edge that can showcase it like none other! Whether it's a professional photo or a snapshot of a cosplay, together we can make it pop for when you post it for your fan pages.

Do you have a cosplay photo you want edited? Contact me today!